Who cares what I write? Who dictates what I read?

Is there anyone out there reading this? My last two posts have been about issues that I sincerely believe matter. Rape. Murder. Yet both posts were read by fewer people than previous posts about my writing journey. I don’t understand why and have given it some thought. I am left feeling uncomfortable, because the conclusion that I have reached is that the media is to blame. Blame may offend you, especially if you are a reporter, a journalist or work in the media in whatever form. How about the media being culpable, in that they have such tremendous power about what we read, or maybe more importantly what we don’t get to read, or to watch, or to listen to. Who dictates what you (or I) read in the media? Pause for thought…

I continue to be shocked by news reports from a variety of sources in relation to human rights. A ten year old rape victim refused an abortion in Paraguay. Migrants are drowning daily in the Mediterranean. Nepalese earthquake survivors are targeted by human traffickers. Burundi in a state of unrest, with protesters killed on the streets, and thousands fleeing the country.

In the midst of this suffering there is too much coverage, in my opinion of the General Election in the UK. It is a sorry state of affairs when only 34% of the population vote for the future Prime Minister. Time for change in terms of electoral reform, maybe. Dare I say that the other item covered in the UK, in terms of overkill, was the birth of HRH Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Don’t get me wrong, I am passionate about our British culture, including our Parliamentary System and the Monarchy. I question the balance in terms of what is being reported and how.

I digress. A big forward step in this my writing journey has been the belief that I can make a difference by writing about those important issues. Sadly I had a reality check knowing that very few people have read those posts. It almost halted my journey, but not quite. I would welcome advice as to how to make this blog more visible and attract more readers. I too, am culpable in not having the expertise in raising my blog’s profile.

I imagine you can sense my frustration. I hope so. That was the intention…
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One thought on “Who cares what I write? Who dictates what I read?

  1. I just started reading your posts with the last one so claim exception! Thanks for the thoughtful and reflective way you are exploring tough issues.It is the midst of pain and suffering that we can see and challenge injustice but also show and receive compassion and see the depth of resilience. Mhoira


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