Bits and bobs.

My mind has been jumping from one idea to the next this week. I have not written anything extraordinary. Just a few bits and bobs…I am struggling to even produce something for my blog!

This is the week when the short story competition results will be announced. I have a 1 in 12 chance of being selected to feature on which is quite high. Whatever the outcome I have grown as a writer and as an editor as a direct result.

I managed to complete the next assignment, finally, after reading an article in ‘The Guardian’ ( that left me with more questions than answers. I did a little digging, sought some answers and wrote a letter to them, (as in ‘The Guardian’). REALLY! Subsequently I sent said letter off for my tutor’s perusal. Hmmm, I think I did that in the wrong order, but felt the letters editor needed to hear my point of view.

Hark at me! Job done. It matters not whether the letter is published (although it would be a little notch on the bed-post) — only that I was motivated enough to write and submit it. Oh – and someone at the publication must have read it. Yay! A month ago I would never have contemplated either. I wonder where the bravado, (or naivety) comes from. Quite a step forwards, no?

The support from fellow contestants at ‘The Write Practice’ was incredible. I imagine that all writers and artists go through periods of self-doubt, together with the difficultly of being really objective about their own work. I can be over critical of mine. Yet the adrenalin rush I experienced after hitting the ‘send’ button is something I had not experienced for a long time.

I want to encourage you, if like me you are new to this game. If you write, fairly regularly, then you are a writer. Be brave, take it to the next stage. Let someone, just one person read what you have written. Find a group in your local town, or join an online group to read, critique, encourage thoughts and ideas. Your confidence will grow. Your writing will improve.

I want to motivate you to sign-up for that writing course. Just do it! I promise a roller-coaster of a ride. You may even end up being paid for your writing. Really!

Don’t compare yourself with anyone. Just write. To begin with, write what you are passionate about, what moves you or what you have to say. The fine-tuning comes with practice and perseverance.

I am fine-tuning. I am practising. I am learning a new skill-set, and loving the experience.

I cannot tell you what a blessing it is to have a twelve year old resource. Before I go, I want to thank my twelve year old resource daughter, for editing the colour palette on the text widget…

You don’t know about widgets? Me neither, a month ago…

Anyway it is the ‘My Tags’ list on the side bar

Just goes to show…not tell. Is that funny? It was meant to be.

P.S. Has anyone noticed the odd deliberate mistake within my posts? Tell me in the comments box if you have read this far….


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